Divorce Lawyer As A Financial Advisor

divorce lawyer

When we talk about law the only thing which comes in our mind is, ‘a court room’ and a male or female with a ‘black gown’ like a magician arguing in front of the court room. This is something true to some extent but not actually the complete truth. When we say law; it is a versatile field with numerous specializations such as: property lawyers, separation lawyers, family lawyers, commercial lawyers, criminal lawyers and divorce lawyers in melbourne cbd. Yes! There is a separation field of law for divorce too, divorce lawyers are individuals who understand the sensitivity of the relationship breaking, though they just cannot stop a relationship from breaking but, still they have the idea of detrimental financial and emotional impact it imposes on two individuals.What’s in it related to finance?

A divorce lawyer is just like a financial advisor who knows the losses and the emotional destruction occurs as a result of a divorce. Divorce is a complete process and it becomes an issue when both parties are not on the same page. Divorce lawyers are hired for the purpose of resolution and dealing with the court of law. A divorce lawyer takes care of the asset distribution, financial support for the children and wife (sometimes husband which is a rare case), defamation compensation (if required/if applicable) and compensation for the emotional destruction as a result of a divorce. In addition, the job of a divorce lawyer becomes even more important when a couple is involved in some kind of a professional/business partnership. Segmentation of the company assets and finances among the two (when not handled by mutual agreement) persons becomes a challenge for a divorce lawyer.

Custody issues:

When we say custody issue it not necessarily means children custody, it means custody of tangible assets and intangible assets (such as: patents & trademarks etc). Sometimes, a divorce lawyer handles the finances because giving custody of an asset becomes an issue which lingers on the process of divorce. Most of the time divorce lawyer deals against the company lawyers who possess better knowledge regarding finances of the company and assets of a businessperson. On the other hand, custody of children as a result of a broken relationship becomes a duty of a divorce lawyer to handle. It has been observed that most of the time the party with maximum influence and emotional bonding with a child wins the race and becomes the legal guardian of a child. A divorce lawyers in mt eliza also plans the meeting time with the child, the financial support to the child and the mother of the child (if she is not earning totally depends on the case). In a nutshell a job of a divorce lawyer is significant and require a lot of trust with the client.