Storage Hacks For Your Sunglasses

sunglasses storage

We all love to wear glasses as it has become a fashion statement for many people. Glasses or spectacles have always been a way to show off your personality in way that can look decent yet stylish depending on what you are wearing and where you are going.


The thing is we all have a collection of sunglasses at our home, but have you thought about one thing, how do you even find it with all the mess laying around at your home. Well, you see we have all lost our favourite sunglasses and many have lost very expensive ones also, well now is the time to have a storage system for your sunglasses.


Yes, we are talking about sunglasses storage that can help you out in keeping your sunglasses safe without any damage on them. Here we have some ideas through which you can neatly keep your sunglasses safe along with that you can also have some space left for your jewellery storage as well.


  1. The first thing would be that when you are thinking of sunglasses storage you should try this idea that why not keep your glasses in a type of tray. If you do that well then chances are that when you keep it stored in one place well then your glasses will be at one place. If possible for you just keep your tray or any basket that you have near the entrance when you come in or go out so that you will know that where you have kept the glasses.


  1. If you want well then you can also keep your glasses in a tray and then put the tray in a drawer so in that way your glasses won’t bump each other and whenever you want them well then they will be in the drawer.


  1. If possible for you why not use a cabinet that is not in use and use it for storing your sunglasses. In that way your sunglasses can be at a safe place and there won’t be any issue finding them. If you want you can also customize your cabinet according to your needs so that it can match the look of your room.


  1. If you wish you can also use a hanger to keep your glasses as in this way they will always be visible to you and you can choose what to wear.


  1. If you wish you can also have a tree like thing which can be used as a storage for sunglasses and an organizer for jewellery.